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I am a technical IT writer specialized in writing IT texts that are in line with your company's style guide and wording. For non-Dutch IT organizations with presence in the Netherlands, I translate, write, localize and maintain Dutch texts since 2001. Mij experience in automation and IT since 1987 is the foundation for writing about IT and documenting IT.

The end product is always a Dutch or English document, printed on paper, published in a magazine or book, or made available electronically as pdf-file or web content (within your company or publicly available). 



I am not a translation agency. Hoeever, I do translate texts for existing customers for which I also do writing activities. Next to these translations, I also proofread Dutch texts that are translated by translation agencies, for solving IT-technical issues.


I write texts - mostly case studies - for Dutch customers of IT manufacturers and service providers. I handle the complete process from making an appointment with the customer, writing, handling the reviews, translations, upto the consent of the text by the customer and manufacturer. 


If your IT web site needs to be checked for technical errors or inconsistencies. or for example needs to be translated into Dutch, I make sure that the content is technically correct. Often, it means to decide not to translate IT terminology and concepts. In addition, I localize web sites to the Dutch market. This means adding local legislation, local procedures, quotes from local customers and local case studies (which we can write for you). So localization is: checking for technical IT errors and wrongly translated words, translate of not-translate texts and adding local content.


Documents and web sites need to be kept up to date. This maintenance is often part of the deal. Checking and updating the texts once a month or on request. For large companies I edit directly and remote in the CMS.